Welcome to the NAH Provings

Homeopathic provings are an integral part of the homeopathic process and are essential to the continued growth of the art of homeopathic practice.  The Proving Team at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathic is one of the few teams in the world that are doing professional, thorough, double blind provings.  Our ability to continue this work depends upon our volunteers and financial contributions from supporters of homeopathy.  Please consider participating by volunteering to become a prover or donating to our proving fund.

Our provings follow the standards set out by the North American Network of Homeopathic Educators.  Click here to read these standards.


Upcoming Provings

We are currently working on publishing our data from our March 2017 Proving.  We look forward to beginning a new proving in the upcoming year.  If you'd like more information about participating, please send us an e-mail:

Proving Team

Jason-Aeric Huenecke, CCH, RSHom, Master Prover

Desirée Brazelton, CCH, Proving Assistant

Jennifer Rose Holterhaus, Proving Assistant


Contact Us

For questions regarding the current provings or to submit a case that's been helped by our provings, e-mail the Proving Team at:



For videos on Provings, what the process is as well as “How to be a Prover” and another “How to be a Supervisor”, Click Here.