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NAH is committed to being a resource for homeopathy in Minnesota.  Check here regularly for class announcements, special events, news, low-cost homeopathy appointment offerings,  and a directory of our graduates in your area.

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy is one of the most highly recognized training programs for professional homeopaths in this country. We are now accepting applications for the next class beginning in September 2015.


Student Clinic

On a limited budget?  The Northwestern Academy Student Clinic is a great option for homeopathic care. Advanced students with faculty and graduate supervision.  Call 952-955-4117 or email kris@homeovista.org to make an appointment.  First opening:  Sunday October 11 9:00am.  Next openings:  November 14 and 15 



farouk master                  Northwestern Academy welcomes

                    Dr. Farokh Master

       Advanced Pathologies and Cancer Cases  

                        Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2015    To register: kris@homeovista.org   

Adademy Program

Academy Program

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy (NAH) has a unique four year program designed to prepare students...  Read More

Academy Admissions


We accept motivated and talented students from diverse backgrounds; previous training in a health care... Read More



For Current Proving Activity for what is going on now with NAH Provings, please Click Here

Homeopathic Center

Homeopathy Center

The Homeopathy Centers practitioners are internationally recognized for their excellence in teaching... Read More