Lanthanum Metallicum

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  • Proving of Lanthanum metallicum
    “Locked in a tower in my mind”

    Remedy Abbreviation: Lanth-met

    Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy 2012


    Jason-Aeric Huenecke CCH, RSHom (NA)


    Double Blind Format, 11 Provers, 30c, Proving over 30 days.


    Lori Foley, CCH, RSHom (NA)


    Most major homeopathic pharmacies

    Articles and Other Printable References

    Lanthanum metallicum Theme Document (PDF)

    Lanthanum metallicum Entire Proving Journal (90+ pages) (PDF) (PLEASE DO NOT PRINT!)

  • Lanthanum metallicum Natural History

    LN_Pic_ElementAtomic Weight: 138.9055

    Density: 6.146 g/cm3

    Melting point: 920 C

    Boiling Point: 3464 C

    Full Natural History Document - PDF

  • Materia Medica (List of Themes)


    Lanthanum Remedy Overview - PDF Here

    Themes - Mentals (in order of importance)

    Doubt, Confusion, Distraction and Order

    Doubt, Confusion, “I don’t know what to do”

    Incapacity, “I feel very small and young”

    Distraction, “I get thrown off my path, I am susceptible to their image”

    Desires Order, “It felt good to get organized”


    Pre-Labor, the Moment before

    The Moment before Something is Realized

    Inhibited Self-Expression, Internal Pressure

    Inhibited Self-Expression, “I have that potential but it is not manifesting”

    Internal Pressure, “Like shaking up a two-liter bottle and leaving the top on”

    Hurry, “In a big rush to get something done”

    Stillness, “Being unaffected by the craziness around”

    Heaviness, No Movement, Relief with Movement

    Heaviness, Grief, “This heaviness prevents the expansion into the void”

    No Movement, “I long, long, long for the moving waters again”

    Relief with Movement, “Everything was flowing”

    No Internal Drive, Apathy

    No Internal Drive, “I want to give up”

    Self-Reproach, “You did wrong, caused something to happen”

    Apathy, “I don’t care, or it doesn’t matter”

    Drive, “Strong, strength is a surge of energy”

    Hidden, Fear Others Will See

    Hidden, “One learns to hide within the confusion”

    Calm on Outside, “No one saw how crazy it was”

    Fear That Others Will See, Embarrassing

    Fears for My Safety, Careful, “I need to be careful of how I am in the world”

    Laughter, “Like a funny lady carrying 70 boxes”

    Parallel Worlds, Isolation and Detachment

    Parallel Worlds, “I felt like I was in parallel worlds”

    Isolation, “Some kind of barrier separates me from others”

    A Prison, “Meant to keep it safe, but it becomes a prison for its contents”

    Detached, Disconnected, “Who is this guy?”


    Peace in Alone, Alone is a relief

    Do not invade my space, “Back off and leave me alone”

    A Higher Level

    Transformation, the Light, Merging with the Universe, Our True Nature

    Addictions, “Additions as a result of denying your own truths”

    Higher Calling, For the Greater Good

    From a Higher Level, “To see from a higher perspective”

    High Stakes, “My one decision could change everything”


  • Repertory Listing (Lanthanum metallicum)

    (suggested rubrics, selected by Jason-Aeric Huenecke)


    Repertory Listing PDF

  • Lanthanum metallicum cases

    There are lots of little lights, light, lots of light, little white, clear white place where I can't tell if I am coming or going, a place where I just think with a higher mind. It's like something out of the twilight zone. A general, a circus clown, and a refined lady, trapped in a prison of sorts. They thought they might be in h-e-l-l. They felt trapped. They sat there trying to think of where they were. It was like a round cylinder.

    You keep walking around, you can't tell if you are coming or going, you want to think, but your mind is caught in a trap and endless loop. Too many questions, very few answers. You are not even certain of how you got there. I close my eyes. I am in a different world, a parallel world just like this one, but things are slightly different, you never know exactly which world you are in.

    It is so similar. I had a dream of being in Roswell, New Mexico; I had a rocket that went astray and it went into Area 51. I went in to retrieve my rocket when suddenly I was surrounded by bright lights; the night sky became bright as day; I grabbed my rocket, I then hid in an empty create and watched an amazing scene, aliens landing. It was like the Twilight Zone. Lots of lights. Lights have something to do with incarnation, fully being embodied. The question is in which world? The parallel worlds go on and on. It's so amazing. You are an alien in most of those worlds. An alien. You are powerful in all of them. I am 16-years old here, but 4-years old in a parallel world, and so on. You are 26-years old in one of those worlds. But you are the oldest one of us all. The Twilight Zone is unstable and somewhat dangerous...

    Most of the time I feel safe in school now. Before school was like a prison.

    Notes of a 16-year old Autistic child on the Rx=

  • About the Lanthanum Proving

    Our chalk board at the end of the proving debriefing meeting

    Equanimity, Seizing up, Stillness, the moment right before, not good or bad, freeing, giving birth, clarity, awakening, judgment, taking down barriers, letting go, letting loose, setting boundaries; stream, flow vs force, stone going with current, destruction of the old order, change, seed planted in earth, heart centered, separated, into the womb, not coming out, floaty dream, birth trauma, being, be, pregnancy, waiting, non-doing, one-on-one, anti-group, hard to move, safe, fluid, flow, stuck, parallel worlds, clogged, no limits, no time, witness, all by myself, sky, internal combustion, I don’t care, apathy, aliens, resistance, forces of nature, abstract vs nature, making decisions, childish, stuck in labor, parallel worlds, horizon, no time, dissolved, duality; space needs, anti-group

    Songs referenced during the proving.

    This proving started out... inauspiciously.  Unlike other provings, we allowed the provers to determine their own start dates.  We gave them a lot more freedom to behave independently.  Provers and supervisors worked well together for most part, keeping any disagreements to themselves. Provers were resistant to recording things in their journals and the supervisors often had to record things for them. Provers often experienced an absence of symptoms, however when one of the master provers would talk to them and touch upon an area, they would open up and the substance would come flowing out with rich beautiful imagery. This is likely to be the same experience that an homeopath would experience when taking a case of someone who needs Lanthanum. The debriefing meeting was almost entirely a discussion of mental symptoms even though physical symptoms were recorded. As a master prover, I often forgot that we were doing a proving at all. I forgot to send reminder emails for provers to send journals in and when I would remember, I would just think, “oh well... I suppose it doesn’t really matter in long run.”  Both of the Master Provers experienced significant healing during the two provings. 

    Many people were driven to do things they had thought of doing but had never had energy to act before (curative).