Didelphis Virginiana, Virginia Opossum

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  • Proving of Didelphis virginiana

    DV.FP.Pic2Virginia opossum or North American opossum

    Remedy Abbreviation:

     may be found under sanguis didelphis

    or didelphis virginiana

    abbrv unknown

    Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy 2012


    Jason-Aeric Huenecke

    CCH, RSHom (NA)


    Blood collected from the heart of a opossum

    that had just been injured by a car.


    students and alumni of the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

    Themework by Lori Foley, Sid Lunsford

    Website by Lori Foley



    Articles and Other Printable References

    Didelphis virginiana Theme Document (created by Lori Foley) (36 pgs) (PDF)

    Didelphis virginiana (suggested) Rubrics (Selected by Jason-Aeric Huenecke (19 pgs) (PDF) see Rubrics webpage

    Didelphis virginiana Entire Proving Journal (160 pages) - (PDF) (PLEASE DO NOT PRINT!)

  • Didelphis virginiana Natural History

    DV.FPic.1KINGDOM: Animalia

    PHYLUM: Chordata

    SUBPHYLUM: Vertebrata


    INFRACLASS: Marsupialia

    ORDER: Didelphimorphia

    SPECIES: Didelphis virginiana: Virginia opossum, North American Opossum

    SOURCE: Blood from a opossum that had just been hit by a car




    Habitat and Range



    Reproduction and life-cycle



  • DV.FPic.2Opossum Songs

    Captain and Tennille, Love Will Keep Us Together

    Opossum Videos

    Opossum Educational Video (4:00 min)

    Possum Playing Dead (0:26 sec)

    Pete-the-possum found swimming in the pool (0:52 sec)

    Possum eating a strawberry (1:41 min)

    Possum with babies on back (0:20 sec)

    Possum love (0:44 sec)



  • Materia Medica (List of Themes)




    Poetry, written during proving

    Themes - Mentals (in order of importance)


    Heavy, Tired, Weighted and Slow



    Heavy, Tired, Weighted, “Unable to move, plastered to the furniture”



    Slow Moving, “Everything is moving slower”



    Distorted Time, “My whole relationship with time has shifted”


    Playing Dead, Opium, “The Walker between the Worlds”



    Opium, “Exactly how to go outside of my body,” “In another dimension”



    Light, Floating, “Floating in the air”



    Drugs: Opium, Cannabis, “An altered reality”



    A Duality or Split, A Small Death, “The Walker Between the Worlds”



    Observing oneself, “Detached”



    (The Opposite) Present, “Shocked awake after having lived in some oozing jelly all my life”





    Muddied, Primitive Brain, “I feel rather dense”



    Poor Memory, “I can’t remember anything”



    Limited Ability, Overwhelmed, “It’s too hard,” “I want someone else to tell me what to do”



    Just what is in front of me, “My scope of vision has been reduced” “like amnesia”


    Independent-minded and Rebellious



    Independent-minded , “I just want to do what I want to do!” 



    Rebellious , “You can’t tell me what to do!” “The obligations hold you down”



    “Stop relying on me!”, “I stood my ground”


    Retreat to Safety, Feeling Trapped, I Quit!



    Retreat to Safety, “It is safe in here”



    Feeling Trapped, “Free from the obligations”



    “Get me out of here!,” “I quit”, “I’m done.”


    Exposed, Vulnerable, and Attacked



    Exposed, “Felt very exposed and uncomfortable”



    Vigilance, Guardedness, Escape



    Attacked, “Lying in a pool of blood”



    Car Accidents





    Scavenger, Stealing, “A vulture feeling,” “A thief”



    Secretive, Mafia, “My husband and I were kidnappers”



    Don’t want attention, “Do not want to be singled out”



    Remains, Dead Body Parts, “Decomposing bodies”


    Nurturing, Protective, and Forsaken



    Nurturing, “My heart swelled with love”



    Protective, “Felling protective of boyfriend”



    I belong, “Connected to the group,” vs. Forsaken, “Leaving me, abandoning me”



    Death, Grief, “The crying is so deep and profound, we are mourning”


    Simplicity and Simple Love



    Simple Love, “The man of my life,” “Overwhelmed by a sense of being loved and protected”



    Simple Connections , “Took care of my deepest need without my telling him”



    Just Being Me, “Bringing forth the authentic self”



    Contentment, “I woke with a smile,” “I have everything I need”



    Playful, “Woke up this morning, I was laughing”



    Simple and self evident, “I noticed how nice my friend’s nose is”


    Flash Anger


    Solitary, Nomadic, and Nocturnal



    Solitary, “Pretty darn content to be with self,” “Stop bothering me!”






    Nocturnal, “Couldn’t sleep last night”



    Darkness, “Nighttime, a time for curiosity, searching, dreams and imagination”


    Sycotic Themes and Cleanliness


    Sex, “Wanting to make love with these two men I know”


    Climbing and Trees


    Marsupial Pouch, Twos, and Orange & Red



  • DV.Pic.RepRepertory Listing (Didelphis virginiana)

    (suggested rubrics, selected by Jason-Aeric Huenecke)

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    Download PDF of rubrics

  • DV.FPic.2If you have a cured case of Didelphis virginiana, please consider emailing it to us to post.  Email Us

    “I Totally Froze” - Case of Didelphis virginiana, Hpathy.com


  • DV.Pic.PCrossingAbout the Didelphis virginiana Proving

    The Didelphis proving had a different feel than some of our other provings. The provers were primarily from the NAH class in the final year of the NAH program (Class 8). Many of the supervisors were from this class as well.  From the beginning it had a close-nit feeling. 

    Things went pretty smoothly from a coordinator point of view. At least three of the provers experienced healing during the proving. One prover met “the man of my life,” another is still on the remedy at present. For some, Didelphis took them to places they preferred to avoid and this was uncomfortable for them. Early on there was a feeling of excitement that was quickly replaced by “I’m done” “I quit.”

    While we were still trying to convince the provers to stay in it a while longer, suddenly the master prover announced, “We’re done.” He was clearly caught in the possum energy. While I was willing to continue the proving to fulfill my obligations, I was just as relieved as most to let the energy go. So, like the short lived life of the possum (usually just 2 years or so) so was the proving.  Interestingly, the depth of the proving is tremendous.  It’s a beautiful proving, uncovering the real depth of the substance, which on the surface appears simple, but underneath is still illuminating. Consequently, we have been considering keeping the future provings to 30 days, making them more manageable but obviously just as thorough.

    During editing, I kept running into duplicate rows, two rows with same journal entry (di-dual..?).  This has been a problem in the past, but never to the degree I found with this proving. 

    Our proving wrap-up meeting, which usually runs over was very short.  Many provers didn’t want to share (shy). We gave ourselves lots of time and ended up having a potluck and hanging out and finishing early. It was a relaxed and collegial atmosphere. It appears that at least three of the provers experienced healing, perhaps more. (This is more than usual for us). My take on that is that the opossum has been around for so long, it carries an ancient simple wisdom about life that we all can be healed by. 

    Also if interest is the fact that soon after we discovered what the substance was, we also discovered that the New York School of Homeopathy had also proven Didelphis virginiana in 2008.  Although we do searches to verify that no pre-existing proving has been done, somehow this other proving escaped our detection (perhaps its “stealth nature!”)  Or perhaps, there was meant to be two provings... (Didelphis, translated to “dual womb”) ...humm...)

    As I finish this proving and am writing this, I also find myself ready to say “I’m done with the little bugger.”

    Good bye Opossum. Watch out for the Cars!

    - Lori Foley