Board of Directors

The Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy is governed and managed by a three person Executive Committee whose members are listed below.   The school is adminstered by the Program Director, Kris Nelson as well as overseen by a Board of Directors.

Program Director

Kris Nelson
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Executive Committee

Laurie Dack, Debra Sax Annes, and Kris Nelson

Board of Directors

  • Nancy Cutler (President)
  • Pam Prosser (Vice-President)
  • Vivian Johnson (Secretary)
  • Val Ohanian (Treasurer)
  • Laurie Dack
  • Kay Troan
  • Kim Boutellier

Vision Statement

  • To train students to master the skills, philosophy and sciences necessary to confidently and expertly practice the art of classical homeopathy
  • To develop students with personal qualities necessary to be competent and ethical practitioners
  • To set standards of excellence in homeopathic training in order to define and develop the role of professional homeopath
  • To support homeopathic research and provings
  • To inform and train the medical and lay public on how to effectively utilize homeopathy to promote health and healing